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Armored Mud Balls

CT Valley Geohistory

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6 Grand View Lane, Easthampton, MA 01027-1075

phone    (413) 527-8536  



Professor Emeritus, Greenfield Community College, 1 College Drive, Greenfield, MA 01301


Inducted into the Massachusetts Science Educator Hall of Fame, May 2004



            B.A. Clark University, Worcester, MA, 1966

            M.A. University of Southern California, Los Angeles, 1972

                        thesis:  "Marine Terraces Along the Makran Coast of Iran and West Pakistan"

            Other courses: 

            "Carbonate Sediments: Florida and Bahamas", Nat. Sci. Fdn. "Chautauqua Course", June,1970

            "Glacial Geology" (GEO 666) with Prof. Joe Hartshorn, UMASS, Fall, 1976

            "Geology of Puerto Rico" National Science Fdn. "Chautauqua Course", May, 1999.


            Sept. 1, 1969 – Dec. 31, 2003:  Greenfield Community College

            Part-time positions:

                        1979 - 1997:  adjunct instructor, Antioch New England Graduate School, Keene


                        1985 - 1996: Elderhostel geology course instructor, Deerfield Academy

                        1999, 2001: adjunct instructor, UMass Grad. Sch., “Geology for Teachers” 3 cr. course.

2010 - 2011, Geology Instructor, Deerfield Academy

Plus many other presentations,  short courses and workshops for teachers, and others.

Business: Earth View LLC, a geology education products and services company featuring books, videos and tours.  See for more information. (in business since 1981)

Leadership Positions:

            1991 – 1992,  1997 – 1999, 2000-2001:  President, National Association of Geoscience Teachers,

New England Section; plus other NAGT-NE leadership duties to present.

1990 - 1996  Chairman of the Franklin County Solid Waste Management District,

a 20-town cooperative dealing with local waste disposal issues.

            1990 - present  Vice President and past president of the Pioneer valley Institute, a multidisciplinary    educational service organization focusing on the rich history and culture of the Pioneer Valley.

Since 2004 I have taught numerous courses at Greenfield and Holyoke Community Colleges as well as at Deerfield Academy (2010-2011)


  • “A Trip Through Time in the Connecticut River Valley”, New England Intercollegiate Geology Conf. Guidebook, October 11-13, 2003
  • “Ten Tested Techniques To Promote Geoscience Education”,  Geological Society of America,

Northeastern Section Meeting Abstracts, 2001.

  • “The Rise and Fall of Lake Hitchcock, New England’s Greatest Glacial Lake”, video, 40 min.,

Pioneer Valley Inst., Greenfield Community College, 2000.

  • “’Go Hollywood’ --  Creating High-Quality Videos for the Classroom and Beyond”,  Geological Society of America, Northeastern Section Meeting Abstracts, 2000.
  • "Geology and Natural Resources of the Connecticut River Valley" Appendix A, Conte Refuge Report,

National Park Service, 1998.

  • "Making a Rock Park for Geologic Education and Preservation", Geological Society of

America, Northeastern Section Meeting Abstracts, 1998

  • "Armored Mud Balls -- A Catalyst for Geologic Education in the Connecticut River

Valley",  Geological Society of America, Northeastern Section Meeting Abstracts,1992

  • "Overview of Ct. Valley Geology", Guidebook & Proceedings Volume, National Association of Geology

Teachers, Eastern and New England Section meeting, 1991.

  • "The Flow of Time: 500 Million Years of Geohistory in the Connecticut River Valley",

 1994, 35 min. video production; Pioneer Valley Institute, GCC.

  • Exploring Franklin County:  A Geology Guide, Valley Geology Publications, 101p, 1989
  • Dinosaurs, Dunes, and Drifting Continents:  The Geohistory of the Connecticut Valley,

Valley Geology Publications (now Earth View LLC), 107p, 1984; 2nd ed., 1986.

A significantly revised and reissued 3rd edition published in 2003.

  • "Lithified Armored Mud Balls of the Turners Falls Formation, No. Central

Massachusetts",  Journal of Geology, v. 90, pp. 203-207, 1982

  • "Marine Terraces Along the Makran Coast of Iran", Chapter 8 in Physical Geography of

the Makran Coastal Plain of Iran, by R.E. Snead, 1970, Office of Naval Research,

Contract No. N 14-66-c-0104.


Contact Information

Earth View LLC
Geology Education Products and Services
C/O Prof. Richard D. Little
6 Grand View Lane
Easthampton, MA 01027-1075

Phone / Fax (413) 527-8536