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“LOCAL GEOLOGY” PROGRAMS for schools and adult groups

  • All programs run about 45 - 60 minutes (with discussion).
  • Teacher workshops with field component available; please call.


1. “Dinosaurs Dunes and Drifting Continents: the geology of the Connecticut River Valley”   POWERPOINT program


This program covers 600 million years of geologic history illustrating how the Connecticut Valley Region evolved into the beautiful rocks and landscapes we see today.  Learn about where we were before Pangea and how the break-up of this “supercontinent” resulted in the Connecticut Valley.  Armored mud balls, dinosaurs, lava flows, glaciation, Lake Hitchcock, and our human links to our local geology are all covered, abundantly illustrated and with humor. 

This fast paced program has been seen by dozens of groups from seniors to upper elementary school through college classes.


2. “Fantastic Landscape' Connections”


This program in PowerPoint format draws on the author’s 25 years of leading groups to North America’s “fantastic landscapes”.  He will present pictures and stories from Hawaii, Alaska, Canadian Rockies, and the Western US and relate these scenic landscapes to the geologic history of the Connecticut Valley Region. You will be surprised and amazed at the “connections” we have to North America’s famous, dramatic, scenery.


3. The Iceland – Connecticut Valley Connection: fire, ice, and continental creation”


Text Box:  This PowerPoint program will feature the pictures and experiences of Prof. Richard Little’s “Fantastic Landscapes” Tours to Iceland.   You will see how Iceland came to be such a unique place on Earth as we look at amazing waterfalls, the world’s most scenic geyser, great faults, and what happens when volcanoes erupt under glaciers.  The Connecticut Valley region's geological history has a lot in common with the spectacular events of Iceland and Prof. Little will illustrate our connections.

4. Geologic History of the Deerfield River Valley: Including 22.5 Mysteries and Strange Facts that You Probably Don't Know

This program will look at the interesting geology stories of the Deerfield River, such as: Why does the river change so dramatically from its uplands to mouth? Are the Glacial Potholes really "glacial" and are they potholes or plunge pools? Why does the Deerfield turn and flow north as it enters the south-directed Connecticut River? You will be educated and entertained in this program about one of the most interesting rivers in the region.

5. Geology of Mt. Sugarloaf

South Deerfield's premier mountain is our local version of Australia's "Ayers Rock" and it records an interesting geologic history. This program will explore how Mt Sugarloaf was created, and will also look at adjacent areas of the Pocumtuck Range and Connecticut Valley.

<93>6. "Holey Basalt!" The amazing geology stories in Mt Tom and the Holyoke Range.

The Holyoke Range extends E-W from the Amherst area and then curves southward extending completely across Connecticut. It is composed of more than 400 feet of basalt lava from the Age of Dinosaurs¿ Jurassic Period. Find out about the development of this significant and interesting landscape that forms the backbone of the Connecticut River Valley in Massachusetts and Connecticut. You will learn about Pangea, flood basalts, dikes, sills, development of the Connecticut Valley and its dramatic topography, glacier action and Lake Hitchcock. Many interesting mysteries are solved in this program.

<93>7. Geologic History of Your School or Town.

The Conn. Valley area is "the best place in the world to study geology!" Bring Richard Little to your town, school, or classroom to discover why. Over the years Prof. Little has given many talks on the geology of our region and he will present a personalized program for your group. See how your town fits into the amazing geology story that is western New England. He will bring geologic samples to touch and (depending on supply) some free samples, too.


PROGRAM COSTS:  Negotiable, depending on equipment needed and distance and time involved, and grant availability. 


  Please call / email

to discuss your needs.