Description: Description: Photo: Vatnajokull glacier.JUNE 25 – JULY 7, 2015    ICELANDŐS FANTASTIC LANDSCAPES.   This will be our 5th trip to Iceland and we have the best 12 day tour.  By concentrating in SE Iceland we see all the amazing landscapes of this country on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. This minimizes your travel time and maximizes your feet-on-the-ground time!  You will have excellent lodgings and see amazing sights: glaciers, volcanoes, meltwater rivers rushing over some of the worldŐs best waterfalls.  Because the North American and European tectonic plates are splitting right under your feet here, amazing geothermal features abound (think: GEYSERS!), plus youŐll get some great Puffin views, too, and learn about the culture and history of this unique land.  Iceland is a travel ŇgemÓ.  It is close, being only a 5 hour flight from Boston.  The people and landscapes are equally fantastic.  DonŐt miss this!  Tour Cost:  $3500 + air.

[Note --  See our 2013 Iceland itinerary for more information.  This trip will follow the same itinerary but with one additional day in Reykjavik.]

Note:There is now a wait-list for the 2015 Iceland trip. Come with us in 2016? There will be a similar trip planned for 2016.